Garden Designer

Garden designer Jan Johnsen, author of “Heaven is a Garden: Designing Serene Spaces for Inspiration and Reflection,” is an award-winning garden design instructor at the New York Botanical Garden
She owns a garden design and landscaping business in Westchester County, New York.

A trip to Japan as a college student made a lasting impression on Johnsen. Walking through ancient Japanese gardens made her aware of the power that serene outdoor spaces have to calm and refresh us. She went on to study landscape architecture at the University of Hawaii. Coming back home to New York state, she worked under a Versailles-trained French gardener at Mohonk Mountain House and learned about French horticulture and its rigorous, all-natural standards.

Her book, published in 2014 by St. Lynn’s Press, is full of practical tips for home gardeners. It’s beautifully illustrated with photos of landscapes she has designed and installed.

For the Kansas City Garden Symposium, she plans to present a program about “Liquid Dreams — Ways to Add the Magic of Water into a Garden.”

On the Friday before the Symposium, she will teach a garden design workshop based on her New York Botanic Garden class titled “Creating Your Own Slice of Heaven.”