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Jeff Epping

2020 Kansas City Garden Symposium speaker, Jeff Epping.
2020 Kansas City Garden Symposium speaker, Jeff Epping.

Jeff Epping has been director of horticulture at Olbrich Gardens in Madison, Wis., since 1992. Olbrich is a 16-acre garden with a grand conservatory and at least 15 garden areas.

He has some ideas about stylish, attractive gardens that require less maintenance than traditional gardens. A recent project of his at Olbrich has been to design and implement a gravel garden. Once established, gravel gardens need very few resources: no weeding, no watering and no fertilizing. Jeff has some tips to share about them at this year’s symposium.

Another favorite garden at Olbrich is the Meadow Garden, which is inspired by English meadow gardens. Olbrich’s version features low-maintenance fescue grasses and spring flowering bulbs. Jeff will offer some tips for growing a meadow garden and ideas to keep in mind no matter what style of garden we plant.